Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 5.32.43 PMSomeday, I hope to end up back in the Bay Area, working for a PR agency. Senior year is quickly coming to a close, and questions have been swirling as to what my future holds. Katie Dally, a University of Oregon graduate and alumni of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Omega Chapter was the perfect person to answer my many questions. Katie and I have kept in contact since meeting back in 2009, and she was incredibly helpful in describing what public relations practitioner life is like for her in San Francisco.

Since graduating from the University of Oregon in 2010, Katie has pursued an amazing career in public relations. Following her graduation, Katie moved down to the Bay Area and began working for the tech PR agency LaunchSquad. Katie is an account executive at LaunchSquad, a midsize firm working with a variety of technology and consumer companies, headquartered in San Francisco.

With a list of questions on what her life is like as a public relations practitioner in the city, Katie quickly got to the details.

With the large array of clientele, it’s no surprise that Katie is busy. A typical day for Katie is always different, but she was able to sum up a few of the normal routines for me. Contacting one or two clients to check in and swap new ideas and stories is something Katie finds herself doing often. Usually, not a day passes by without doing some sort of pitch, whether it’s an announcement to the media or a new idea for a client, like one of their biggest, Evernote. Media list building, audience research, and keeping up to date on news and social networking sites are always factors in her workday as well.

Katie made sure to tell me some sound advice for someone about to leave college and enter the real world.

Always hold yourself accountable. Deadlines in the real world are not like deadlines in school. Procrastination affects everyone on a public relations team, as opposed to just you, as it does in school. This is a problem that most college students have, and Katie emphasized the importance of conquering that

Between speaking on Katie’s experience at LaunchSquad and learning more of her life as a public relations practitioner in the city, we wrapped up our interview with two main points:

1. LaunchSquad has provided Katie with a life-changing experience. Not only has it been an amazing job, but also LaunchSquad embodies a camaraderie that Katie can only describe as “awesome.” She feels lucky to work with the people she does and is so thankful for the friendships she has made through LaunchSquad.

2. The types of clients LaunchSquad works with are unique and perfect for San Francisco, which is in the hub of the Silicon Valley. Katie’s experiences working and learning in that environment have solidified her job as a public relations practitioner.

Having had an opportunity to speak with Katie Dally and learn of her life as a public relations practitioner in San Francisco has made me excited for what my future holds. Seeing an old friend thriving and so happy with what she does is inspiring. I hope to someday have an experience like Katie’s at LaunchSquad.